Constantinos Papadoukas studied sculpture in the United Kingdom at Loughborough University School of Art & Design // BA Fine Art Sculpture and Wimbledon College of Art & Design UAL // MA Fine Art Sculpture. He has worked as a part-time lecturer and Professor Assistant at Loughborough University School of Art & Design and as an IT assistant at Wimbledon College of Art & Design research department. He is currently an accredited Derby University Lecturer and teaches sculpture at Vakalo College of Art & Design, he is also Head of the Arts at CGS International Baccalaureate.

His work revolves around notions arising in our modern, globalized and ever-changing societies. His aim is to familiarize the audience with such concepts; surveillance, monitoring, control and dehumanization. His latest pieces make a cynical remark on the political and social reality as well as the irony of human relationships.

Jewellery has been a constant pursue in his career, hovering between fashion and sculpture. His designs always utilizing materials with tactile qualities and merging organic and geometric forms.

Solo Shows
Ισόβενα Νερά, Estudio Gallery, 2017 (Athens)
The tunnel at the end of the light, August 2013 (Chios)
The tunnel at the end of the light, May 2013 (Athens)
Silver Spaces, 2004
Group Shows
Ostralle 015, Dresden, 2015 (Germany)
Small Paintings 2014, Eikastikos Kiklos, 2014
Summer of Euklidis, Off White Gallery, 2014
Instagrammers, Red DoT, 2012
Ofthalmofanes, Texnopolis, 2010
A3 sharing clouds, Athens School of Fine Art, May 2010
Electromedia Works – Cut Here, Apothike Factory, 2008
Blind Date #12, Thision Lofts, 2007
Visibility, 2007
Carte Blanche, Booze Cooperativa, 2004
Atopo, Goethe Institute, 2003
Young Artists, Texnopolis, 2002
Young Creators 5th Meeting, Nees Morfes Gallery, 2002
A6 Show, Lewisham Arthouse Gallery London, 2001

C/P Jewellery can be found at the following locations:
Benaki Museum, Pireos 138
Benaki Museum, Koubari 1, Kolonaki  
Estudio Gallery, Kiriazi 22A, Kifisia
OZON Boutique
Petra, Serifos
Θήτα, Serifos
His work can also be found in F. Kyriakopoulou and A. Penrose private collections as well in public spaces, such as, Lincoln School of Technology and Loughborough University School of Art.
Artwork, photographs and jewellery have appeared in the comedy series "The House of Emma"* screened by MEGA Channel. (2013-2014)
*"Το σπίτι της Έμμας"